How we ensure quality

We are constantly improving our brand and what we stand for.

At Claytons, we pride ourselves in delivering excellence in our products and services. We do it through the use of smart systems and stringent quality assurance processes, every step of the way.


Each of our customers are supported by a dedicated account manager, who is the go-to person for any issue that cannot be dealt with by your customer support team or site manager. Our customer support centre operates in small teams who will assist with everything from initial enquiry through to design, variations and accounts as your office-to-office contact.


Our joinery manufacturing plant has the capacity and precision to build a one-off kitchen or hundreds of identical kitchens. This means we can support our customers on large scale or small specialised projects equally well.

Claytons also prides itself in using one of the most advanced and automated stone benchtop manufacturing plants in Australia. Learning from leading manufacturers in Europe, and using state-of-the-art machinery, we have created manufacturing processes that puts quality first. Each component we produce is subject to our stringent Quality Assurance process and inspected thoroughly, assuring our customers of another layer of perfection before our finished products are released.


To avoid damage during transit all our final assembly takes place on site. Every job is assigned to a local Site Supervisor, your site-to-site contact who is responsible for inspecting every job installed and ensuring that full installation occurs within 48 hours. A full report together with photos of all joinery elevations is submitted through our online system. This in turn, automatically sends out notification of the completed quality inspection to your Project Supervisor.


We don’t leave quality inspection up to our customers. Site Managers are responsible for all finished jobs reaching a minimum 97% level of quality compliance. An independent Quality Auditor – reporting directly to the Managing Director – inspects each job through the ‘eyes’ of our customer, scoring the job out of 100 and reporting any non-compliance issues for resolution within 24 hours.